Growing a Spirit Distillery by 350%

The campaign I created for Cascade Alchemy Distillery increased their sales 350% within four months, setting their brand apart from competing distilleries. Whereas other distilleries unanimously focused their advertising on the same things–the quality of water they use, their process, etc.–I focused on connecting the product to the very active Central Oregon demographic as part of the community, not just a commodity, beginning with the custom tagline, Your taste. Your spirit. 

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The creativity was an outgrowth of solid strategy: We had done an extensive study of the industry to generate predictive analytics. Based on the research, I recommended focusing new products on flavored vodkas including a BackPorch Coffee vodka and a Hot Pepper Vodka. I connected Cascade Alchemy with BackPorch Coffee Roasters to tap into this popular coffee shop’s large following and even connected the client with a local hand-made ice cream company, Addy Mac’s, to produce a Chai Tea vodka flavor that was served from cool ice cream trucks around the region! Both of these collaborations with local businesses increased the exposure of the Cascade Alchemy brand through mutually beneficial partnerships.

I wrote the labels for the distillery’s Aged Oregon Gin, Hot Pepper Vodka and BackPorch Coffee Vodka, as well as improving their website copy. I connected CA with a local aspiring actress, then scripted and produced a series of videos sharing drink recipes; Taissa also ended up being hired by the distillery to do on-site tasting events.

“Kelly’s work has been a huge success for us! He has created an exciting, measurable momentum that you can feel and see, that we may not have had working with another provider. Aided by this collaboration with OMEP, Cascade Alchemy’s February sales increased 350% over the same period last year. For a small yet growing company, this has been a great partnership that is setting us up for continued growth!” Joe Hale and Tyler Fradet, Owners and Master Distillers

“Top-line growth of sales and revenue is crucial to the success of any business. Combining our process of business guidance with Kelly’s strategic creativity over the past four months has accelerated top-line growth for Cascade Alchemy Distillery in Bend, Oregon. Within a relatively short time, we have developed and rolled out a marketing strategy that is proving quite effective, with record sales for the distillery. This ‘experiment’ has created a model for other local manufacturers to follow on the path to developing their brands to their full potential.” Kleve Key, Lead Consultant, Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)




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