What I Do

Impossible to Ignore

You have a business to run, and you need an experienced marketing professional who will produce attention-getting marketing content that is impossible to ignore.

That’s what I do.

Many marketers add to the dissonance of a cluttered marketplace by churning out average content. As a skilled strategic sharpshooter, I forge ideas and wield words that pierce cognitive filters and target the heart. My strategic insights and agile execution of strategic creativity in both digital and traditional media lead to significant ROI gains for my clients.

As a former agency owner, Creative Strategist and Senior Copywriter with over 15 years in the industry, I have a uniquely versatile skill set. I have brought key insights to life for scores of companies through truly visionary ideas that position brands ahead of the competition and catapult them to market dominance.

  • Copywriting: As a Senior Copywriter with an actual English degree and years of experience, I write high-level, grammatically precise copy that’s anything but ordinary.
  • Content Marketing: From concept to execution to measuring results, I handle all aspects of content marketing.
  • Creative Strategy: David Ogilvy said to study the methods of your competition and do the opposite. I mastermind creative campaigns that stand out, engage audiences, and multiply results to grow your brand and your bottom line.
  • Branding: I utilize a brand discovery and development process that has never failed to delight. It starts with listening to the client, then translating their voice into words and imagery that hijack the imagination. My direct role is typically in creating corporate names and taglines, and directing logo design. I orchestrate powerful brands that will resonate throughout multiple media for years to come.
  • Creative Direction: I lead creatives and technical people to ensure that campaigns are seamlessly coordinated to delight target audiences across all media.
  • Marketing Strategy: I tie all aspects of a company’s marketing into an executable roadmap that generates confidence and anticipation, and then adjust campaigns according to data insights.

As one of my agency clients wrote, “It sure was nice not having to add anything to your work–not that I mind because I love the collaborative writing process–just saying you’re a breath of fresh air.”

Walker Med

Contact me to inquire about my current availability to help your firm grow. Kelly@KellyJohnWalker.com 

Shoot“Kelly Walker is one of those rare, intuitive, inspired individuals. He could wear an ‘I am Brilliant’ pin and not be bragging. His thinking is out of the box and he is a great deal more than a wordsmith. He can take your intent and sculpt it into a deliverable idea/phrase that is succinct, gets-your-message-across, and is actually quite beautiful. Definitely our go-to man for marketing and copywriting.” Greg Steckler, President, LogRhythms

“I’ve used Kelly as my contract Senior Copywriter & Creative Director for a few years now, and his work is not only incredibly creative, it generates serious results. He has delivered for my clients time after time across multiple media with a level of creative strategy that generates leads and scores big wins with my clients. I highly recommend him to any agency seeking the best in creative strategy, content marketing and copywriting. Kelly delivers.” Kyle O’Campo, Co-Founder/Director, Digital Strategy Elev8 Digital Marketing

“Kelly is an outstanding asset and has been doing an excellent job putting a strong marketing plan together for us. His creative advertising campaigns have shown remarkable, measurable results across multiple media. Having worked with many different marketing directors, he is the first that has the technical proficiency and skill set along with creativity and positive leadership that encourages and empowers the team to collaboratively get things done. I’ve really enjoyed working with him. He’s indispensable; I honestly wonder how we did without him!” Gerald Vinci, President, Vinci Digital Marketing

“When it comes to advertising, it all boils down to the idea behind the campaign or the brand, in my opinion. Not that the execution isn’t important, but without that great idea, it’s hard to build something really exciting. The great ideas that Kelly has consistently delivered are truly imaginative and attention getting, all while being on task! And did I mention that he builds a great working relationship? He does that as well!” Nevin Nolder, former Brand Manager for General Mills and Pillsbury

“Some people are true experts in their field. Over the years I’ve worked with Kelly, I have found him to be one of the few voices that has genuine creativity and also a profound understanding of the deeper principles of marketing and branding.” Paul Powers, President, White Knuckle Studios