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Deep Marketing Wisdom

As founder of two successful marketing agencies, I have led brand development, advertising, and marketing strategy for multiple businesses and non-profits. So, I don’t just write clever copy, I strategically position my clients for marketing ROI. Every piece I write advances a critical goal toward increased sales.

As a sought-after marketing professional, I define brands and grow KPI’s with foresight, precision, and creativity that hijacks the imagination. For more than a decade-and-a-half, my marketing strategies have generated measurable momentum through powerful content marketing campaigns and data-driven feedback loops for products, services, and SaaS systems. Email campaigns, web copy, blogs, white papers, ads…I’ve done it all.

AmericanAdvertisingAwardsLogoOh, yeah…Once upon a time, my peers gave me 25 American Advertising Awards over the four years I submitted entries. Then I stopped submitting entries. The end.

  • Drake: 2
  • Gold: 6
  • Silver: 8
  • Bronze: 9

Categories: Mixed Multiple Media, Elements of Advertising, Radio Campaign, Newspaper Campaign, Television, Out of Home, Exterior Signage, Vehicle Signage, Public Service, Advertising Industry Self-Promotion.

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Some of my favorite marketing quotes:

“It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we’re legally allowed to take over our competitors.” William Bernbach

“Having the right message is what matters. It’s not who you reach, it’s what you say.” Roy H. Williams

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” Craig Davis

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Happily married with five (yes, five!) children.