A Story of Belonging

One of the nation’s top Realtors came to me needing better branding and creative campaigns that would demonstrate her values, skill and heart to the community. I combined Karen’s knowledge of Central Oregon history with my own knowledge of local flora and fauna to produce a new brand identity depicting an osprey in an indigenous petroglyph style. The idea was that the Native Americans belong here and have been a part of nature—and we can integrate into the natural environment as well, if we learn to live in harmony within it.

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Along with a campaign of ads depicting the osprey and the elegant new logo, I authored a series of articles and blogs entitled “Stories of Belonging,” which had a long run in the Bend Chamber of Commerce Bulletin and on the website; each was a biography of a local animal, its habitat and how we can live in harmony with our furred, finned and feathered neighbors. The brand development and subsequent advertising campaigns were wildly successful; the client reported a dramatic increase in brand awareness and new clients.


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