Fine Art Applied to Advertising

“Study the methods of your competitors and do the exact opposite.” David Ogilvy

I applied a timeless Ogilvy principle to an elegantly nostalgic creative campaign for Karen through the application of fine art to advertising. Where other real estate agents almost unanimously utilized the head shots and braggadocio so typical of their field, I chose a very different approach for Karen. I concepted a series of ads evoking the warm feelings of the classic children’s book, Goodnight Moon, utilizing the oil painting talent of local artist, Travis Knight, and writing the poetic copy myself.

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In a milieu of cookie-cutter, digitally-rendered graphics, our Goodnight Bend ads gained widespread attention and inspired a number of fond comments. The reaction to the ads was positive to say the least, and played a part in measurable growth of Karen’s business. The client and her staff gave us this enthusiastic feedback after we presented the concept:

“I showed a couple co-workers the artwork and poems—they absolutely loved it and thought it was pure genius!”


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