The Cure for “Stodgy.”

Duke Warner Realty, a cornerstone Central Oregon business for nearly 50 years, hired me with the mandate to help them appear less stodgy while preserving their refined and authoritative reputation.

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My process began by interviewing Kitty Warner, a pillar in the Central Oregon community and a real estate pioneer since 1958; I then wrote a biography that was published in regional media.

I created a new campaign centered around the tagline, We’re not just Realtors; We’re Central Oregon, then directed a high-level photoshoot of local athletes with Timothy Park Photography. I used the photos to create print and television ads coupled with a long-running social media campaign. A themed radio campaign complemented the visuals. Additionally, I wrote blogs and produced a weekly real estate video for their social media.

Duke Warner continues to utilize the campaign, and it has revolutionized their brand image. Goodbye stodgy, hello relevant!




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