Senior Living Multimedia Campaign

An up-and-coming Senior Living company with twenty communities across the nation had a real issue…Their ads looked like carbon copies of their competitors’ ads. The company needed brand distinction, a unique voice that would increase leads and well as community tours and move-ins. Ultimately, superb creative strategy was the catalyst to increasing ROI and setting them apart from the competition. To catapult the company to a new level, I developed a multi-phase, multi-media advertising campaign that became a key element in record-breaking lead generation, occupancy rates and income for the corporation.

Print & PPC Display Ads


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“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Ogilvy

I began the campaign with compelling headlines designed to go straight to the heart of the person searching for the best place to transition an aging loved one–a very intimate and emotional process. An initial print campaign was then converted to Pay-per-click ads, and further concepts were extended to social media.

Facebook Ads


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The Facebook ad campaign immediately generated unprecedented responses and tour bookings around the country, outpacing by far previous social media and even PPC efforts. I coordinated print, social media and PPC ad placements as well as managing responsive tracking and analytics, adjusting for optimal returns. The campaign continues to generate new concepts and has spun off a version en español. I’m fluent in Spanish, so it was a lot of fun positioning this for a Hispanic audience.


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“Kelly brought fresh ideas and leadership to our Marketing Department during a critical time of growth. His high standards and exceptional abilities quickly became apparent. Kelly hit the ground running and seamlessly integrated with our team, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback from corporate and community management staff. He displayed compassion and rapport with senior residents he came in contact with, and displayed a keen understanding of our target audiences and how to generate leads through spot-on advertising. He has a unique and effective set of skills that encompass left-brained data analysis and right-brained creativity. He shepherded a complex, multi-community budget responsibly.

Kelly created a multimedia advertising campaign that sets our company apart from the competition and, as I told Kelly, will move our firm to its next level. The ads he created were extremely creative and out- of-the-box and received widespread acclaim throughout our organization. The marketing plan he created, the work he accomplished and the processes he set in place will serve us for years to come.” Mark Peper, COO Sunshine Retirement Living


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